Three steps to flirt with a girl in bars

If you are still new to the bar battlefield, here are several steps to guide you to it.

Choose the right spot in the bar
When you go out and hunt, you surely want to choose the right target. You can't just go to a girl and say "hey, let's dating!" You might be replied with "go f*ck yourself" or even get a slap in the face. Therefore, the first step after you enter a bar is to find a good spot to sit down. For example, the bar counter, or somewhere obvious. After you sit down, order a light drink, then start drinking. As a matter of fact, you should start to looking for your target now.

Talk to them
If you see a girl you like, buy her a drink. The other person who accepts your generosity will definitely talk to you, and if she doesn't talk, she's just waiting for you to take the initiative. So don't back down! The content of the conversation should be rich and colorful, especially with the characteristics of ten thousand kinds of romantic feelings. For example, compliment the other person's appearance directly, but be sure to be artistic, such as "when I see the eyes of the young lady, I have the feeling of electricity", "the eyebrows of the young lady always let me have the meaning of pity" and so on. We all love to hear nice things, but if you can hit the nail on the head and talk about the other person's feelings, you'll soon hit it off and your relationship will be a whole lot better.

Bar flirting skills a novice must see
You need to carefully select your target, not just by looks and cup sizes, but by analyzing the situation and the chances of success. The method is very important. The club is a very direct place. If you like a girl, just go up and ask. But remember to be polite. If she is not interested, do not hound her. Just continue to look for the next target. If you are shy, you can try my method, which is to stare at the girl you are interested in. Generally speaking, the girl will not think you are a fool, instead, they will possibly make eye contact with you. That is the time to go up and flirt. Don't make too many moves in a small area. Women are observant and are likely to be watching your every move. Being rejected and moving to another place won't make you less acceptable to other adult dating women.

Follow these three steps. Whether you are an experienced date hunter, or a newbie who goes to a bar for the first time, you can get whatever you want!

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